Hey there, my name is Lorainne

Currently a college student studying Information Technology, I am passionate about both music and technology. I love to learn new things and I am always open to new ideas.


About Me

Aspiring Student Striving for Excellence

In my journey to be a software developer, I aim to create websites with cutting-edge technology, delivering dynamic and engaging user experiences.

Lorainne Pandaraoan
BS in Information Technology
Manila, Philippines
Music, Gaming, Cooking, Crafting, Sports


Imagik Events

Full-stack Developer

Imagik Events Management Services is an events company that presents a fresh way to create, engage and manage events. In this website, the company's projects, staff, and information is listed.

Art Avenue

Full-stack Developer

Art Avenue is a website that is made for our expositional activity in our school. This is a website wherein you order and see our products that was sold at the time of the said event. This is made with React.js and SCSS.


Front-end Developer

Nebula is a site wherein you can see the 3d model of the solar system. This a project that our team made in a space themed hackathon. The front-end is made with three.js and for the back-end we used python.


Full-stack Developer

This is my first ever coding project, Astral, a Discord multi-function bot. It's written in Javascript with the Discord.js library. The bot is no longer being maintained due to the conflict of my current projects.


Full-stack Developer

Stickerio is another Discord bot that I made and it is mainly used for converting stickers into a savable files such as png, jpeg, webp, and etc. This is written in Typescript with the Discord.js library as well.


Front-end Engineer

Eia is a Discord Bot that focuses on moderation. We have created a website wherein all the information is listed, and a dashboard that is customizable depending on your likings.